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“We Know A Good Thing When We See It” - Frank Bennardo, Owner

You understand your clients. They deserve to be pampered and treated like royalty. Every time they come in for a superior cut & color or a soothing massage, you cater to their every need. But too often, stylists relegate themselves to unflattering salons. Where it’s impossible to create this intimate setting. House of Salons – Salon Suites gives you all the tools for success. You only need to
apply them.

Nestled in the busiest & most profitable creative spaces in suburban Chicago, House of Salons – Salon Suites is already comprised of three thriving locations, populated by brilliant hair stylists, estheticians, manicurists, and Mediterranean spa professionals. Their success is our success. Taking charge of your future is the surest way to get where you deserve, and we give you that opportunity when you partner with us.

Personalize a salon suite to fit your tastes. Sell your own products. Decide which services will best glamorize the fast-paced lifestyle of your growing clientele. Apply your fashion background to brand your name. Personify the attitude and sass that has made you famous amongst your family & friends.

You want the hard facts? Your financial destiny is secure with us. We’ve done the numbers and you WILL make more money with House of Salons – Salon Suites. Avoid the high booth rental fees & owner commissions that wreck havoc on many stylists’ incomes. Our proven Cost Calculator breaks down your earning potential.

Don’t let anyone stifle your passion and creativity. Strive for brilliance. Never accept anything less.

It’s all here for the taking at House of Salons – Salon Suites.



“We Know A Good Thing When We See It”

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Where are locations available?
Where are locations available?
Where are locations available?
Where are locations available?

"There are so many advantages made possible by running my own business at House of Salons. I have the freedom of making my own schedule and setting my pricing. Best of all........monthly costs are so minimal, it allows me to make a better income than working for another salon!"

Colleen Carreiro - Owner Shear Madness Hair Studio

"There are no negatives to owning a salon suite at House of Salons. It's been nothing short of a remarkable life changing experience. I am so happy I chose to open my business here! I will never go back to a salon."

Carrie Kruckenberg -- Owner Cherry Blossem Hair Salon

"This is a wonderful opportunity to increase your earnings, gives you flexible hours and provides you a much more private experience for clients. If you're self motivated... this is the best environment for you!"

Debra J. Hill -- Owner Ambiance West