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CHAIR ON DEMAND is the most exciting concept in the country!

Being in the salon industry for more than 20 years has taught us the power of innovation so we created a space where beauty professionals can book a "CHAIR ON DEMAND" making it possible to enjoy the freedom to book a station when you need it and how you want it. Pay only for the time you book, and best of all theres no weekly rental obligation!

Last minute appointment? Don't worry you can book your chair right up to an hour before you need it.

Get ready to impress your guests! This is one place where you can have it all.

We designed an entire building around giving all of these amenities to you in one place.

  • Our Venue - An environment that is second to none! We offer a luxurious unisex salon that caters to women and a upscale barber shop exclusively for the guys.
  • Personalized Stations - Beautiful imported work stations, customized with your name and logo sparkling clean waiting for your arrival.
  • Receptionist/Concierge Service - Where here to greet and pamper your guests - nothing short of five star service here.
  • Coffee & Beverage Services - Available for your clients enjoyment.
  • Back bar & Towel Service -
  • The Lounge - Welcome to our lounge where we make every event special! We can comfortably accommodate your party arrange for food and beverage, and turn any occasion into a celebration. Ideal for wedding, spa, make up and fashion parties.
  • Lockers Provided - Safely secure your personal and product items.

Operate under your own brand..... Sell your own products.

Bridal & Makeup Center

Barber Shop

Unisex Salon




“We Know A Good Thing When We See It”

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Where are locations available?
Where are locations available?
Where are locations available?

"There are so many advantages made possible by running my own business at House of Salons. I have the freedom of making my own schedule and setting my pricing. Best of all........monthly costs are so minimal, it allows me to make a better income than working for another salon!"

Colleen Carreiro - Owner Shear Madness Hair Studio

"There are no negatives to owning a salon suite at House of Salons. It’s been nothing short of a remarkable life changing experience. I am so happy I chose to open my business here! I will never go back to a salon."

Carrie Kruckenberg -- Owner Cherry Blossem Hair Salon

"This is a wonderful opportunity to increase your earnings, gives you flexible hours and provides you a much more private experience for clients. If you’re self motivated... this is the best environment for you!"

Debra J. Hill -- Owner Ambiance West